Stay at the oldest soy sauce brewery in Nara

Tawaramoto Town, Nara Prefecture

Surrounded by history

MARUTO is located in the heart of the Nara basin, in Tawaramoto. Playing an important role in the development of Japan, Tawaramoto’ s history dates back over 2000 years. The legend starts with a goddess, Mihotsu Hime, who descended upon the town with three rice plants.

About us

Our ingredients include soybeans and wheat,
the raw materials of soy sauce, which are grown by nearby farmers.

The high quality of MARUTO soy sauce has even been recognized by the Imperial family, which even used it for its meals. But after 70 years of inactivity due to the post-war difficulty of obtaining top-quality materials, the current owner decided to bring back to life this traditional and famous soy sauce.

Guest Rooms Stay in a 130-year-old soy sauce brewery

Think back to the brewers’ daily lives An inn fragranced by the history of brewing

Since its founding, many people from various places in the Nara Basin have been involved in brewing, and have continued to protect the legacy of Maruto Soy Sauce Brewery.

Brewing is done from raw materials harvested from the fertile land around the Hase River. In the past, that river was used to transport soy sauce and sake between Osaka and Nara.

All the rooms have been designed to reflect how the original soy sauce brewery would have been.


Dining Savor the flavor -
at the origin of food culture

Combine locally-produced soy sauce with seasonal vegetables,
brewing the whole region’s ingredients together to create our cuisine.

Local ingredients of Tawaramoto, blessed with rich soil since ancient times, are delicately seasoned with naturally brewed soy sauce.

Come rain or shine, we continue to grow our vegetables with great care and consideration for local producers.


Experience Tawaramoto -Japans’ origin-

Tawaramoto is the birthplace of brewing culture, the origin of agriculture and food culture in Japan.

The expression of the town, with its vast fields changes day by day depending on the season and the weather.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature of this land, said to be the "birthplace of Japan", we wish you to enjoy a unique time with your family and your loved ones.


Thoughts from the owner

"Important things are sometimes just under our eyes"

For me, the revival of our brewery 70 years after it closed became an opportunity to be more in contact with the community of Tawaramoto and its treasures.

Sometimes said to be the "birthplace" of Japan,
Tawaramoto and the beauty of its landscapes have been revered and protected for more than 2000 years.

We Japanese have felt here the presence of the spirits of our country,
and have learned from them the preciousness of food.

Perhaps our ancestors experienced something that is now almost impossible for us to feel.

And you, don't you want to feel this ancestral Japanese culture ?
I am sure that it will become an unforgettable experience not only for you, but also for your family,
your friends and your beloved ones.

I am looking forward to sharing with you such an important moment.

Hiroyuki Kimura


NIPPONIA is an organization that renoves traditional Japanese houses into unique accomodation infrastructures, to promote Japanese local cultures, communities and lifestyle.
Located in the heart of Tawaramoto, rich in history and nature, "NIPPONIA Tawaramoto Maruto Shoyu" also promotes local business and strengthens community ties.