Stay in a 130-year-old brewery

Since its founding, many people from various places in the Nara Basin have been involved in brewing, and have continued to protect the legacy of Maruto Soy Sauce Brewery.

Brewing is done from raw materials harvested from the fertile land around the Yamato River.

In the past, Hase river (modern day Yamato River) was used to transport soy sauce and sake between Osaka and Nara.

Each room has an original design based on soy sauce brewing.

This unique hotel has revived a very traditional Japanese residence and soy sauce brewery that date back to at least 130 years ago. But after 70 years of inactivity due to the post-war difficulty of obtaining top-quality materials, the current owner decided to bring back to life this traditional and famous soy sauce.

In Maruto Shoyu, you can feel the four seasons of ancient Japan Yamato.

Looking out to the east, you will see the rice paddies' sprouting seedlings of spring, nestled amidst the towering Mt. Miwa and flowing Yamato River, leaving you feeling grateful for the gift of life.

To the south, the golden wheat shines under the blue sky of summer.

In the west, as the autumn breeze blows, the rice stalks gracefully sway, while the sun sets behind the majestic Mt. Nijo.

In the north, the mountains endure the harsh winter while the colorful plum blossoms adorn the surroundings.

Located on the second floor of the main building, this is where the Kimura family lived from the 1st to the 18th generation.
This suite offers a panorama of quintessential Nara countryside views.
The bedroom also overlooks the south wing’s beautiful rook and its traditional tiles.

66 ㎡ Capacity 5 persons 2 beds (semi-double) and 1 sofa bed

The FUKO, or “storehouse” was where the Kimura family kept their treasures, including ancient documents related to malt soy sauce. Even though it has been renovated to include modern conveniences, the storehouse retains keeps its original charm and impressiveness.

Some books about the brewing techniques and the history of Tawaramoto are also in the room and will give you the most authentic experience.

40 sq.m. capacity 2 beds 2 (single)

It was originally a storehouse for raw materials with a second floor where the brewers could sleep.
The room name “Usu” refers to a tool used for pounding wheat into powder, which was indispensable for making soy sauce.
In the bedroom on the second floor, you can see the beautiful wooden structure of the storehouse up close.
It is a room that has been renovated into a modern comfortable space while remaining faithful to traditional carpentry techniques

Room 3 42㎡, capacity 4 persons, 2 beds (double) and 1 sofa bed, maisonette type

The name of this hotel suite is a reference to the particular strain of yeast utilized in the fermentation process of the soy sauce that was traditionally produced in this room.
It is a spacious room where you can feel the atmospshere of the storehouse at that time.

50 ㎡ Capacity 4 persons 2 bed (single) 1 sofa bed Maisonette type

”Minori” means the abundance and the harvest, underlining gratitude to the fertile land around the Yamato River that supports the production of our soy sauce.

In the bedroom, the magnificent exposed beams display the power and the amazing craftsmanship of the carpenters that built the structure.
It is a luxurious room where you can fall asleep gazing at the techniques and craftsmanship of the time.

49㎡ Capacity 4 persons 2 beds (single) 1 sofa bed Maisonette type

The name 'Hase' is derived from the historical Hase River shipping route, located nearby, which was once used to transport soy sauce, sake, and other goods by boat between Nara and Osaka.
As you look out the window, you may find yourself transported to the ancient scenery of this bustling river route.

64㎡, capacity for 5 persons, 2 beds (double) and 1 sofa bed, maisonette type

”Kurabito” means “the persons who worked in the brewery”.
Since its founding, many people from various places in the Nara Basin have been involved in brewing, and have continued to protect the legacy of Maruto Soy Sauce Brewery.

In this room, the windows that allowed brewers to observe the work in the inner courtyard are particularly iconic.
It truly is a room where you can connect with the space where the brewers devoted themselves to their work.

40 sq.m. Max. 2 persons Bed 1 (queen size)

Facilities & Services

Standard room facilities

Hinoki cypress bath and rain shower, hot-water washing toilets, air-conditioning and heating (all rooms have heated floors)

Internet access

Free Wi-Fi

Free rental items

Baby gate (Fugou, Kurando, Jo, Koji), bed guard, humidifier