The birthplace of Japan

Tawaramoto is the birthplace of Japanese agriculture, brewing and food culture.
With its vast fields, the expression of the town changes day by day depending on the season and the weather.
Surrounded by the beautiful nature of this land, said to be the "birthplace of Japan", we wish you to enjoy a unique time with your family and your loved ones.

Produce soy sauce by your own

The living yeast fungi in the brewery’s structure are the key to the special taste of MARUTO’s soy sauce for more than 330 years.
Discover the mystery of the brewing process and the rich history of Tawaramoto through an unforgettable and unique soy sauce producing experience.

Visit Japan oldest shrines

The shrine is dedicated to a divine couple, a god and a goddess, and it has been believed since ancient times that praying to both of them brings good fortune. As a result, people have long offered grateful prayers for safe childbirth, love, and matrimonial happiness.

Visiting the shrine at dawn and at night Muraya Shrine is a shrine in the Nara Basin with a virgin forest where spirits are said to reside.
Venture out at first light and replenish your heart and soul with the fresh air.
At night, it becomes a time for introspection and self-awareness. This is one of the traditions of the Yamato.

Farming Experience

We raise our vegetables organically on our own farm, using the food leftover from the restaurant and the by-products of soy sauce manufacturing as a natural fertilizer.

Wander the gardens with the chef and harvest the vegetables to prepare for dinner yourself, and feel the power of nature with your five senses through our vegetables.

In this region where the scenery of ancient Yamato still spreads, the same traditional food and way of life continue even today.
As you walk around the area, you can follow the local tradition : help harvest vegetables by passing through the fields and then enjoy them for a meal later.