An Authentic and Traditional Japanese Wedding

Established in 1689, Maruto Shoyu offers you an authentic Japanese wedding ceremony.

A marriage entirely planned and produced with you, for a personalized and unforgettable experience.
Located nearby, O-Miwa Jinja and Muraya Jinja Shrines are two of the oldest shrines in Japan and both are dedicated to the spirits of 2 deities who are married to one another. It is said from time immemorial that matrimonial fortune will come to any couple who prays to both of them.

O-Miwa Jinja Shrine A peaceful ceremony in front of the deity of Love

One of the oldest shrines in Japan, O-Miwa Jinja Shrine still retains the original way of enshrining its deity. Held in the solemn atmosphere of the ceremonial hall, 2 shrine Miko maidens perform a traditional shinto Kagura dance called “Urayasu no Mai”

Kashihara Jingu Shrine The birthplace of Japan for the start of a new life together

In the first official historical record of Japan, it is said that Kashihara was the birthplace of the nation. Precisely, it is said that the current-day Kashihara Jingu Shrine is where Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan ascended to the throne. How about celebrating your new journey in life together in such a reverential place?

World Heritage Site,
Kasuga Taisha Shrine
The shining vermillion in the virgin forest

Built more than one thousand years ago, Kasuga Taisha Shrine is not only one of the most important shinto shrines in Japan, but also a World Heritage Site. In this shrine, a very old and traditional ceremony is held for weddings. Kikusuiro will check the availability of the shrine for the best experience possible.

A Michelin-listed restaurant - for your private after-wedding-party

Please enjoy your post-ceremony private party in the oldest soy sauce brewery in Nara! We will serve you unique dishes that mix our inimitable brewing techniques with cuisine centered around our homegrown ingredients.

Professional Stylists

A Nara-based flower-coordinator, along with a hair and makeup stylist will be on hand, dedicated to the bride all day.

Kikusuiro’s historical know-how and Japanese sense of service

With its 130-year experience, Kikusuiro will manage your ceremony and create the kind of unforgettable atmosphere that the most important day of your life deserves.


This plan is perfect for an intimate wedding of between 6 and 20 participants.
Geographically well located, it is just a 10-minute drive from O-Miwa Jinja Shrine,
a 25-minute drive from Kashihara Jingu Shrine and a 40 minute drive from Kasuga Taisha shrine.

This is only part of a single plan, for more details, please visit THE KIKUSUIRO NARA PARK’s official website.

Available with this plan:

  • Cuisine
  • Venue expenses
  • Free drinks
  • Bride and groom dressing room
  • Relatives’ waiting room
  • Garments (one kimono per person)
  • Makeup and dressing
  • Floral decorations


  • Discount of ¥100,000 off the bride’s garment
    (only if the garment initial value exceeds ¥200,000)
  • Special present for the newly-married couple (estimated value:¥60,000)
  • ¥30,000 off for hair and makeup
  • Free courtesy car between O-Miya Jinja Shrine and Maruto Shoyu

(*Advantages only apply for reservations made via the official website. Offer may differ depending on the period and number of persons)